Image: "hond" is the Dutch word for dog.

Flower & Feet is inspired by Anja D'Hondt and offers international B2B public relations. We empower clients to find their brand voice and build smart strategies.

claim your fame


driving dreams

Infuse your brand with a long-term strategic vision, deploying your mission and values. Drive people to realize your dreams.


sharing stories

Share knowledge, vibrant news, and captivating content. Connect people with stories that resonate and touch their world.


engaging communities

Reach the market using innovative channels and media. Engage people to spread your message with passion.


empowering people

Enhance your skills in communication and storytelling. Empower people to fulfil your mission.

life is a rollercoaster

Meet Anja D'Hondt, PR Strategist. Navigating the twists and turns of the business world, she embraces both success and setbacks with a positive mindset. Anja's journey is fueled by passion and resilience, making every ride a wonderful experience.

my story

sunny side up

PR is the pink thread running through my professional life, representing my passion for engaging and connecting people toward a common purpose. I am fortunate to share this journey with my family and friends. Since founding our international B2B PR agency, duomedia, in 1999, I have crafted and executed successful communication strategies that have elevated numerous businesses. In 2020, I ventured into the entertainment industry with BoldMove Nation, where we design immersive attractions for theme parks and leisure venues worldwide. This transition allowed me to merge strategic thinking with creativity, bringing joy and excitement to countless visitors. Whenever I am not enjoying PR, I enjoy life, cherishing moments with loved ones and embracing new adventures.


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