sunny side up

Flower & Feet is inspired by Anja D'Hondt and offers international PR, supported by a global network of experts. An innovative view on communication and deep market insights ensure successful partnerships. We empower clients to find their brand voice and build smart strategies.


let's team up


energising people

Infuse your brand with a long term strategic plan, deploying vision and values. Energise people to share your dream.


engaging community

Reach out to the market, applying innovative channels and media. Engage people to love your brand.


sharing stories

Share knowledge, vibrant news and inspiring content. Connect people with human stories that touch their world.


inspiring communication

Learn how to improve your skills, optimising communication and storytelling. Inspire people to spread the word.


once upon a time


Since 2012 we live and work in Ostend, enjoying seaside and city vibes. It was our thing with sailing that stranded us here. As in business, sailing requires team effort, persistence and flexibility. You cannot control wind or economy, but you can always turn the sunny side up. Happily (flower) and freely (feet) ever after.

And what's your story?